15 Secret Signs Of Great Girlfriend You Should Know

Since the ancient time until present generalization people have naturally been enjoying their life with girlfriend. But some of them have also been regret with the wrong girlfriend in their time. So these fifteen secret signs is pattern for your time to choose the right great girlfriend if you are dating a girl.

15 Secret Signs Of Great Girlfriend You Should Know

1. She is not the owner of your free time

She is a girl who is a boss of you. She gives you a chance in your time. She does not complain that you have sixty dozen things on your to do things every time.. She tolerates you time for yourself without being clingy or complaining. She is person who knows your obligation.

2. She likes the same things

Here it means that if you like what things she is also like the same as you. For example, you both like going to the movies, eating hamburger, relaxing on the beach, swimming, play yoga, play football, and you both are additionally have attractive similar opinions. But is to note that it is not you agree on everything, of course, but at least you are on the same track 90% of the time. So in this case you can acceptable for your choice.

3. She is a good listener

If you here good listener it sound she doesn’t have ear. It is actually not like that it means she is a good person who understand what it went wrong and what it went right with that task at work or why you got annoyed with your manager. She is not fearful to ask for specifics. Her requests are focused on where you are coming from. She offers advice when asked for it. She helps solve the problems as possible she can.

4. She loves hanging out with your friends and family

She is a good flexible person. It means that you never have a difficulty when you would like to do things with your or her group of friends. She fits in with your family or relative so easily. There is no jealousy or undercurrents which could become toxic. She is great in hanging out with your friends, family, and relative.

5. She never delays with your work

It is also a good sign that you should pay attention on this while you are working she is kind of which help you to do your work. She is a close girl who encourage you every time you are stressful of your work.

6. She shares your values

You are both should be preserved. You have definite opinions on what education is and how significant honesty is. She is a person who doesn’t matter whether you are a cheapskate or a big spender, once you are both in the same classification. So this sign is should be acceptable.

7. She tells you why she is in a bad mood

It is truly that no one is perfect in everything. Nobody can be in a good mood all the time. It is to note that when she tells you why something is wrong, what happened at work to make her furious and why she is in a foul bad humor. It is remarkable points you can accept. Some people call that real communication. Certainly, it the things she not hide her mood on you.

8. She loves you for who you are, not for what you do

Some of girl like a person who are famous name and rich in properties. There are as well lots of well-known people attract others because of their fame. For example, Tim Tebow creates it very perfect that he wants a kind and sweet girl who is not dazzled by his fame. So you should specify this point to look for a girl who is kind, generous, sympathetic, etc.

9. She never asks for advice about clothes

She is a good person who can control on herself of clothes. She never asks you to comfort her choice on dress and would never dream of requesting you whether a firm color suits her. She does not require that kind of information because she is perfectly self-possessed and controlled. If she is good at this thing, you can accept for your alternative.

10. She is not trying to change you

You know the kinds who want to mold you into a perfect person. There might be a few things that need fixing, but a great girlfriend modifies to imperfections and can receive the fact that your hair style is a little bit different or that your mass is over or under a certain limit.

11. She has no problems with her own body image

She is not a girl who is trying to change her body all the time. She is not a lazy girl on work and think only about makeup. She is not obsessed with dieting or going to the sports club. She is perfectly at comfort with herself. This point is also good for you to decide.

12. She is open with you

She is an open girl. When read this it sound fun. It is not open all everything she has. It means that she let you know about her childhood and the problems she had because she has spoken openly about these things. You know all about her concerns and her little passions. You know about them because she needs a friend who dears her not only for totally her excellent abilities but her defects as well. So this signs should be acceptable for your decision.

13. She is such fun to be with

It may make you laugh at the same things. You both adore lots of things. You appreciate each other’s’ silly jokes, cartoon characters, fiction story, comedy, stupid songs and crazy things on social line such as Facebook. This mark is also good as well.

14. She knows how to surprise you

She is the one who knows how to spring a surprise on you. It means that can be anything from a changed day out, a quick change of ideas or anything else which breaks the routine. She can break too much routine turns into boredom. She makes you interest.

15. She never nags you

She is the one who can let the minor things go so that you can sense perfectly at comfort in her company. You are both comforted that there is no unfavorable or nagging. You have both moved on and promoted. You are now on a journey of personal growth and mutual self-development.

These fifteen tips are perfect explanation of your great girlfriend, right? If it is, then you might have to consider back to what you are really looking for in a great girlfriend. If you have more idea or opinion you can add more by yourself to choose great girlfriend in your lifetime. If you discovery a girl who fits this explanation, please hold onto her!