Why Do People Prefer These Types Of Animals?

Some animals give advantages and others provide you disadvantages. Most of the people in city they like to feed animal as lovely pet. Today we introduce you the 3 important animals which people like to feed in their houses. Those animals are fish, dogs and cats. Do you know why these animals are essential for your home living? They found some residents feed almost every home, Why do they prefer this type of animal type do not have all three at least they also feed a dog.

3 Important Types of Animals Which People Feed -kh

1. Dog

The dog is the first lovely animal which you can feed. According to a girl named Kanha as students of the UC, said that a loyal dog smart home safety. Not only breeding dogs do not damage the courtyard of the house, and it can sleep. Sometime this animal can protect your house from enemies that you should know. I love it the most straightforward honesty of it. So this animal is very useful for your house.

2. Cat

The cat is also a lovely animal which you can feed in your house. According to Mr. Heng Leon was as an insurance company staff, which had been told that “the reason he feed this animal due to crack down on cat pet mouse. Mouses get out of a hole on the ground at night time. They eat clothes! When he got a cat to feed, it seems some quiet mouse. Pet cats do not feed as much as raising pigs, just eat rice and laid waste,” he added.

3. Fish

It’s pretty, and home improvement! This is the response of a cafe employee was named Sina. She is also understood that the seven color fishes eat mosquitoes. Tiger mosquito’s food while it’s not expensive. She also said that China rules golden fish tail like a fish bring good Luck and when she’s bored, she will sit watching fish swimming for her entertainment.