The Great Historical Karst Cave In Europe You Should Read

The Devetàshka cave is one of the biggest karst cave and beautiful historical in Bulgaria where located in Europe. This cave has seven holes in the ceiling and the floor is covered by plush leaves in spring and summer. It is located 15 km northeast of Lovech and approximately two kilometers from the town of Devetakii. There are eleven underground ponds and a small river that goes from side to side the cave and then connects with Osam. There were many bats of different species, snakes, frogs, turtles and birds. Many tourists usually visit there in June and July. To reach there you can walk along a narrow path by the river or starting from the village of Devetaki.

Devetashka-Cave Japan
Image by wikipedia

In 2011, the most visible regular occupants are crag martins, a type of swallow, and thousands of bats representing 13 endangered species. Those bats were at the center of a recent court case in Bulgaria after Devetàshka cave was used as a shooting location for the movie ‘The Expendables 2’ in 2012. Explosions during filming scared off many of the 33,000 bats living within. Though their numbers were greatly reduced, recent counts show that the bat population is recovering.