5 Direct Sales Drafting Tips For Successful Business Owner

Many people are looking for ways to build their direct sales or network marketing business and maybe you are searching for ways to recruit more people without any rejection without struggle. You want to have a simple way to do it and I completely understand because I was in your shoes about 2 years ago really struggled in my business so I went and sought out some help and some information from some top earner and I am going to share that with you today so you can prosper more in your business.

4 Direct Sales Recruiting Tips to Help You Kickstart Your Business

1. Less Is More

So what does that mean? It means too many people in direct sales when they talk to their prospect they give away so much information that they are actually scaring their prospect off because their prospect has too much information to decide. Remember that less is more, and if you say less you can actually intrigue your prospects more and they are going to listen and hang on your every word.

2. Facts Tell Stories Sell

People aren’t that interested in facts any more. People are more interested in stories and how they fodr example the direct sales company, how that is changed your life and what it is done for you. What that felt like, what your life was like and before and what your life is like now. You obviously have some kind of story with your direct sales company, even if you are brand new you can tell them about that feeling when you first joined and when you first got involved with you rock star team and helped you progress, made you a sale in your first week. Don’t say that if it’s not true but just have a story and have something to share with someone particularly if they are a personality type that is particularly creative so I would look up personality types which is another tip I did not actually put on here, but stories really do sell and people really do remember stories.

3. Kind Of Third Party/Social Validation

That could be an event that someone else is running, it could be a business opportunity presentation or a webinar or a hotel meeting it could be anything, but it’s got to be someone other than who is actually doing this presentation. People are really looking for social validation when it comes to making decisions. A lot of people even if everything is in place but they don’t have the social validation they still might not decide to join so always have something like that.

4. Know You ABCs

The fourth pint knows you ABCs. This is not going back to kindergarten or anything like that lol but knowing you ABCs that stands for Always BE Closing. If you haven’t seen the film Glengarry Glen Ross, amazing sales film and I highly recommend you watch it, but the problem that people have with their business is they don’t always being it back around to the close. Some people do everything correctly but they don’t actually ask for the close form the person who’s looking to join they don’t give them any direct because the person selling isn’t actually asking, do they want to get started or do they have any questions. So always be closing and remember that you’re on commissions.

5. Explain As You Go

Last point you can sort of see I just scribbled that there in a hurry lol because you really need to know this. So you want to want to walk someone through a process when you are actually getting them to sign up for a business. so make sure to explain the whole process and what is going to happen.

source: Jackie