5 Ways For Reducing Project Time Management

Hi, in this article I would like to share you Jennifer Whitt’ theories on strategies for reducing project timelines. Well, a lot of project managers are looking for ways to reduce time and we think that there are five ways that are minimal that will help you. So, you can begin to read the following you will get great idea from Jennifer Whitt.

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1. Minimizing meetings

If you look all of the meetings that we have, there are ways that we can go through and have fewer meetings and shorter meetings and actually make quicker decisions. Today a lot of teams are taking advantage of social media as well some mobile media. They are incorporating things in their process so that they can utilize closed group and even some of the mobile technologies in the process so that they can actually try to get decisions made quicker.

2. Minimize administration

It is question and revises your process. Ask yourself why are we doing what we are doing? And, is it still necessary? It is important to get lean. Nowadays, we can go through and cut some of the steps we go through to get lean so, it doesn’t take as much admin time to actually get things done. Things we have evolved over time and we’re in the perfect time now to go through and revise due to some of the technologies that we have revise some of our processes we have so they don’t take as long.

3. Implement the tools

Through the use of tools and templates, we go through and convert spreadsheets and use some of the online tools so that we don’t have to replicate spreadsheets. There was a time in the day when spreadsheets were our tool to save us time. Now, spreadsheets can take more time. So, if we can convert those spreadsheets to tools so that they are incorporated into online tools that are already available today, then we don’t have to go through the minutia of creating spreadsheets and filtering them and compressing them and sending them to different people. They are already available online.

4. Set up document repositories

If we set up document and use version control, then we invariably reduce those time when either we as the project manager or our team members start working on an out of date version of a document so that they have to go back and rework. So, if we do version control and have the team member using to most appropriate and up-to-date documents, we actually minimize and avoid some of the rework that we have to do.

5. Question everything

Again now is the perfect time that we have so many tools available some of the social and mobile media technology to go through and ask why are we doing what we are doing? Do we necessarily need to do it this way? Most of the time and the answer is no. The perfect time for you as a project manager to go in and revise, update accordingly, your processes. So, by reducing the time on your projects we feel like there is possible benefits that you might want to take advantage of. Number one, when you reduce your time you’re actually reducing your budget. Someone has to pay for those unnecessary meetings or those meetings that run too long where you have so many people participating in those meetings. Every person who attends is actually cost somewhere to someone in the organization or on your project. So, by reducing the time you reduce the budget. Then, if you reduce time you also have more time that you can reallocate maybe to some other task. Maybe some other tasks are taking too long and you can reallocate the time or maybe reallocate it to a different project, or you can utilize that time for planning.

So you as a project manager can do more planning for future projects or even for the current project you can again allocate it o other team members for their planning or more strategic planning. Or number four, more important, we feel like, you might actually as a project manager get to take some time off which is something that we all deserve and enjoy the most.

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