6 Things You Need To Know If You Live With A Person Who Has Diabetes

In everyday life, some people usually have health problem in such a serious condition such as diabetes pain depends mainly on their own self-discipline, caution and common sense, but it is almost as difficult for people with diabetes. Because in the event of an attack, it is the first aid supplies are responsible, and daily care, which can greatly improve the quality of life of your loved one. So here are what you should know if you are living with a diabetic person.


1 Diabetics are slow to heal wounds

Many, if not all diabetics suffer from slow healing or limited, especially if your legs hurt. This means that what may be a minor injury to a healthy person, you can have a lasting effect on a diabetic, sometimes even result in potential loss of members. Following injury, even small and insignificant, the greatest attention and care should be.

2. Test strips are a constant cost

Blood glucose monitoring is essential to maintain the health, wellbeing and quality of life of a diabetic. Sometimes you may have a blood meter free – for their use of medical equipment by the manufacturer as part of health insurance. test strips are another thing – they can not be more than once, and can be expensive, which means that to find a source of economic diabetic strips, is very important. Some may be obtained from your insurance company, but make sure you know how your insurance covers daily.

3. Cold insulin can be painful

Of course, if a diabetic needs insulin emergency, there is not much choice. However, if it is an injection routine, using insulin kept at room temperature. The insulin directly from a refrigerator can hurt a lot when injected. You can for about a month to store insulin safely at room temperature, which means that insulin must now be kept out of the refrigerator to use – to be sure to keep it away from heat sources.

4. Low blood sugar can cause mood swings

low sugar in the blood, especially in diabetic patients using insulin, often caused nervous, feel irritable, and confused. It will be ready prepared for mood swings – if you live with a diabetic, who are the majority of them suffer. Remember that they are not directed against you personally think, stay calm and be sure not to get angry.

5. Exercise is a necessity

Exercise is a good idea for everyone, but especially for diabetics. It helps the blood sugar within an optimum range in the maintenance, keeps weight under control, and alleviates a number of other diabetes problems. If you have a person with diabetes, helping them to find the time and the form of one of its main concerns is to exercise. Try to take some tasks off your hands, giving them the opportunity to train, to remind them if necessary – just not too much and try to maintain healthy stimulus, do not mind irritating.

6. Food is important

The best approach would be to adopt healthy eating habits for the whole family. And food for diabetics should not eat is not to try and otherwise feel every moment to feel a meal. Learn diabetic cooking, family recipes of adjustment to new conditions, to avoid problems.

Living with a diabetic drive. Diabetes is not a disease that can take a vacation – it’s still there, permeating every minute of your life. However, to learn more about it, you can make life more bearable and even enjoyable for all participants.