7 Different Health Benefits Between Cold Showers And Hot Showers

The shower is an important part of helping us healthy while some people prefer warm bath and some like a cold shower. However, hot or cold water baths are all benefits to the body as well as your health.
Below are 7 Different Health Benefits Between Cold Showers And Hot Showers you should know:



1. The immune system
Cold water bath pushes the immune system, which is also increasing the production of infection-fighting cells.

2. Improve concentration in the body
When cold water flows through our body’s rate of increased heart rate. It makes our breathing and our body were awake and active. The body feels the high energy and can perform various tasks with the focus increasingly vigor and alertness.

3. Wake up your body
The cold bath can help wake up your body to waking up that will enhance alertness and fight against the light to sleep.

4. Acceleration of metabolism
A bath of cold water helps speed up your metabolism, which can help you get rid of fat from the body.

5. Mood booster
Cold water can help to feel better and increase energy levels.

6. Helps smooth skin
Cold water can help skin look healthy by closing the pores and protect them from getting clogged.

7. Prevent Hair Loss
Cold water can make hair look shiny, strong and healthy. This action keeps the follicles flat and creates their grip to the scalp.


1. Relieve colds and coughs
A hot bath is very useful to reduce symptoms of colds and coughs. Hot or steam water assists to clear your airways and help you breathe more easily. It also helps relieve symptoms of nasal congestion.

2. Makes muscles relax
Warm water promotes blood in your body flow to the skin and help relieve muscle fatigue stress and help you relax.

3. Relieve stress
A hot bath is a natural sedative and pain. Studies have shown that a hot bath can increase levels of the hormone oxytocin, eliminate anxiety and stress.

4. Helps prevent swelling
A hot bath is useful to help improve blood circulation. It reduces swelling as well as eliminate pain

5. Relieve insomnia
The study concluded that if you have a warm bath in the evening, it can relieve insomnia because it can relieve stress levels out of your own.

6. Open and clean pores
Heating of water can clean fat that causes black spots and acne from your pores.

7. Cause hair loss
Warm water is good, but should avoid washing your hair with too hot water because it can damage the hair follicles and causes hair loss.

To sup it up, I believe both of hot water and warm water are very important that everyone should know and do it routine to get the better result for health.