A Farmer Grew A Giant Pumpkin To Win The Game

Pumpkin is very popular vegetable which people use for cooking and also other purpose. Today we show you the great farmer who can grew a giant pumpkin to surprise us. Now you can read and know about this action.

កសិករ​ម្នាក់​ដាំ​បាន​ល្ពៅ​យក្ស​ទម្ងន់៨១៦​គីឡូ​ក្រាម​ ឈ្នះ​ការ​ប្រកួត 1

Surprisingly, a farmer named Tim Mathison living in the Pakistani city of California grew a giant pumpkin which weight 816 kilo grams (kg). He took his huge pumpkin to participate in a special program in Northern California, and he recorded pumpkin that weighs up to 816 kg. The pumpkin was named “saucer Commission or The Flying Saucer.” It has a shape like a saucer, and the farmers who grew it. If we look this event it seem a great festival which some people have never seen it before.

He was a farmer, one of the giant pumpkin farmer, 50, who brought crops to weigh this ‘elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival & Harvest Festival’, which lasts two days and attracted more than four thousand visitors attend each year. While we asked to other visitors, they said it was the time which they had never attends this situation. They luckily told it was the first condition which they just join and it is very happy time. The Most pumpkin Saturday’s game is grown more than 90 days, but some pumpkin can grow more than 13 kg per day. Each pumpkin festival was using a crane raised to weigh which one is the most serious. In addition, those visitors told they are feel pleased that this man can grow this pumpkin to compete this game.

This year’s event is present pumpkin, more than any other crop.
Mathison finally win the match and earn $ 12,000. And he told that he bought a giant pumpkin seeds from the Fund Make-a-Wish Foundation. If we see this event in the first time in our life, it will shock our mind to fly the fresh time which bring us to big world. We hope that it will contain another people can grow the other vegetable like him if they try to do that.