Can diabetes surgery?

According to the doctor has said that someone had diabetes can face immediate consequences or effect chronic difficulties to a later date if there is no self-defense or to check properly. There are many questions that always asked about who had diabetes problem, meanwhile, it has a question that they ask whether the disease can get surgery or not, in case of necessity?


In relation to the above questions, Dr. Touch Khun, director of the Diabetes Center of the Hospital Kossomak said: “In general, if someone is diabetic, and he or she has problems that are getting immediate surgery, he or she can surgery. Once before or when surgery or after surgery is done, it has to decrease to reach sugar levels.”

He added that if he or she has a plan for surgery, it should stop the drug within 24 to 48 hours and replaced by injection controlling glucose to reach the goal. Diabetes surgery can heal normally.

Separately, when asked whether the wound surgery can become infected or other or not? He said: “In general, if the surgery is perfectly worked proper sugar levels reached its destination, the disease are completely better.”

Recently, Cambodia has also had about 1.2 million diabetes. Many of people do not know that they have this disease is about 1.2 million and 2 million others may face in the future. According to Dr. Nam Han Cho of South Korean, who was currently elected as a president of the World Diabetes Federation.

In my opinion, I believe that if you have read this article, it will be useful for you to have preparation for this problem.