Famous Mount Aino In Japan

Mount Aino or Ainodake is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. it is the fourth tallest peak in Japan about three kilometers south of Mount Kita. Its peak lies in the Akaishi Mountains (referred to as the Southern Alps) of Japan on the border of Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Minami-Alps, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the fourth tallest peak in Japan and the second highest in the Akaishi Mountains.
Mount Aino
Photo by: Wikipedia

This kind of mountain retains the actual day location within the listing of mountain tops with best top with Okazaki, japan. It can be obtained from the boundary connected with Shizuoka, Aoi-ku, Minami-Alps and also Yamanashi prefectures. In addition, throughout it’s setting from the Akaishi Pile, it’s situated approximately three kilometre south connected with Attach Kita and to it’s eastern lays the cirque Hosozawa Kar. The brand connected with Attach Aino is translated for being heart huge batch considering the japanese language. For that mountain’s location, the same as all of those other 2 foothills on the “Three White-colored Summits”, you will discover alpine vegetation current on the outside along with border foothills focused by crud.
There are other mountains peaks that close to Mount Ainao such as; Mount Nōtori (2.9 km), Kita Dake (3.2 km), Shiomi Dake (8.8 km), Senjou Dake (9.1 km), Mount Hōō (9.3 km), Kai-Komagatake (12.5 km), Mount Nokogiri (14.9 km), Mount Warusawa (16.6 km), Mount Akaishi (21.6 km), and Mount Hijiri (26.1 km).
How do you feel about this Mount? I think it is a very good place where many visitors can enjoy their relaxing time after they free from busy working time. For me, I will find a good time to go there as well as I have free time from my tiring time and it is possible to ask my friend to join with me.