Four Things Boys Prefer To Dress To Go For A Walk

When walking time, youth has always played different dress styles and some staff prefers to wear stylish pomp or simple costumes according to their satisfaction. Dress is very important for boys or girl. Here are some dresses which you might know about what boys prefer to wear before going for a walk.

Four Things Boys Prefer To Dress To Go For A Walk

1. Jeans, T-Shirt, Sleeved Shirt, Shoes, Pat

A youth, Lean Lyna from Pailin, loves foreign style, wearing jean and shirt and covered by coats and roll. He said: “This is a foreign Style (USA) I like to wear because it looks stylish, handsome confident and attractive compared to other clothing.”

2. Jeans, Ankle Game Pat, Fabrics Or T – Shirt

Sim Dy also mentioned that he liked wearing Jeans with shirt fabrics otherwise is wearing Jeans with sweater. He liked this style such as clothing style because it is popular in Thailand. He says: “I like the style of Thailand.”

3. Jeans, T-Shirts, Shoes, Pat

The young white light black skin is more than 20 years old from Takeo, Sokhom, said he usually liked wearing jeans, T-shirts and shoes. He mentioned that “Fat like me- wearing jeans with T-shirts is handsome and my friends also encourage wearing a suit.”

4. T-Shirts, Short Pants Fabric On Knees, Shoes

“Like too simple luxury shirts, short pants fabric for shoes Put a knee” Meng Hai’s preferences each time to go for a walk. These private company employees told that such this style it is easily going out and can get good relationship with other people. He said: “I like things simple.”