Give Up Work To Bring A Pig For A Walk Around The World

Most people prefer to feed pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. they think that those pets is caretaker and to relieve loneliness. A couple chose to feed pigs as entertaining and they spend a large amount of money to take it for a walk. If we look this couple is very strange that some people can’t make like them. For me, it is also impossible to do like this couple. The below information you can know how this couple do this action in their life with their beloved pig.

សុខចិត្ត​បោះ​បង់​ការ​ងារ នាំ​ជ្រូក​មួយ​ក្បាល​ដើរ​លេង​ជុំ​វិញ​ពិភព​លោក

An unidentified couple who live on the US Virgin Islands feeding piglets since 2010 and now it has a weight of 113 kg. Another incredible thing is that they gave up their work and travel around the world with this beloved pig. While traveling, they spend more than $ 7,700 to hire a plane carrying pigs to travel to England. Due to such diverse activities it makes worldwide media interest this couple to put in the lists. Nevertheless some Internet users understand that doing so is a waste of money and should donate the money to help the poor better.

Have you ever done like this couple? How do you think about this couple event with their pigs? Is it good or not? Do you have to do like this couple?
Finally, I think a few people can have a lifetime similar to this couple to enjoy a good life event. It sounds like the great things to be famous to let other people know this couple situation to surprise about their life. this is just an experience let you know about the great news for you. Before doing like this couple, I mentioned you should consider carefully.