Great Opinions From A-Grade Students About Playing Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social network in the world which people use it every time they need. They enjoy posting pictures and other things while they are relaxing from their bored time from work. Some people said that playing Facebook is bad for us, but other people said playing Facebook it is good things for us. How do you know about Facebook? The following we collected from student grades A that they provided their opinion about playing this giant social networking.
They say that Facebook sucks time unlearned. Meanwhile, Facebook is also a storage area for all kinds of knowledge, if not playing it that loss benefits. How about grades A student who loved to learn, what do they understand about Facebook?

សិស្ស​និទ្ទេស A យល់​យ៉ាង​ណា​ចំពោះ​ការ​លេង Facebook

In 2014, student grades A, Phang Vengan, generally told that he played Facebook to communicate with friends and family seeking information from the study, but sometimes also to relieve the boredom as well as relieve some stress.

Veng An said that ‘playing Facebook is not a bad thing’ It makes closer ties between friends and even provide other knowledge such as medical knowledge, social knowledge, including knowledge related to the subjects of the study. In addition, Facebook is also the place to show your preferences interesting ideas directly to people around the world, it means to improve and learn from each other as well. Facebook is a good thing, but wasting time on it too much until forgets studying that it is a bad thing. For instance, the young student was told that it was a compulsive Facebook soaked down almost all day until the study during the 11th grade.

A former high school student at Russey Keo he said “After seeing this, I began to awake using many ways to dictator addicted to Facebook, including the diversion of my spare time to play sports, listen to music or do anything else, posting the promise that “stop online several hours ” to his friends to testify and brutal way is computer and cell phone to my parents to lock up.”

Veng An continued that should be able to afford the time and take the good things from the giant social network, starting development into a major human resource for our part in promoting social progress.

In 2015, student grades ‘A’, Thach Nguon Heng, also similar said that although Facebook is rich, almost general knowledge and entertainment, but it’s a 2-edged sword. If we know how to use it in the right way, it would benefit us. However, if we play it a whole night until forget graduate or post messy pictures, it will provide with self – destruction.

The young high school students from Sisowat said that while he playing this social network is to relax the brain, share information and form a study group to share ideas or documents to each other because it’s easy, just take photos and send to each other we do not need to borrow the book and have deposit of the book that we wanted. For this outstanding student also understand that Facebook is good, but Facebook users should use the appropriate time.