Unbelievable Walking Over 1000ft Waterfall Without Safety Gear On The Line

Many slackliners consider high liner to be the peak of the game. This sport is normally celebrated in locations that have been used or are still used for Tyrolean traverse. It is identical dangerous sport and needs a lot of attention and wellbeing. There are many safely gears complicated in the dangerous sport and should be done with severe defenses.

Unbelievable Walking Over 1000ft Waterfall Without Safety Gear On The Line

In August 2014, a group of high enthusiasts from across North America came together in British Colombia for the second yearly Squamish highline festival. First of was of the chief. One of the largest granite monoliths in the world. The group set up highline across a one hundred foot chasm between two peaks with inch wide webbing bolted to the rock at both sides. They then took in in turns to walk the line above a 660ft drop, and even performed in tandem. Amongst the group was extreme sports enthusiast Spencer Seabrooke. “it feels good to like be a little bit scared, a little bit unsure. But then like tell yourself you can do it and then like do it,” Spencer provided.

The second site was Shannon Falls. Here Spencer took on the ultimate test of faith. A highliine walk above the plummeting water, without a safety harness. But this adventurer there’s no substitute for living the highline life.

This unbelievable shots displays madcap Spencer Seabrooke balance alongside a thin slackline put off over the beautiful Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada. The 26-year-old was taking part in a highline festival which involved athletes from all over the world practicing the vertigo-inducing discipline. The footage also shows fear enthusiasts walking across a giant gully which is part of the famous Stawamus Chief Mountain and includes a precarious 656ft drop.